About Us
Southern Travel Holdings is a group of companies which provides specialist services in the travel and tourism sectors – primarily in New Zealand and Australia. Southern Travel Holdings shares are traded on New Zealand’s Unlisted exchange under the ticker code “STH”.

The current subsidiaries of the Company are Southern Travelnet Ltd (offices in NZ, Australia and Japan), The Walshe Group Ltd (offices in NZ, Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore) and Experience Travel Ltd (offices in NZ).

Southern Travelnet was the original company in the group and has had considerable success over the years in the Japanese inbound market, with a reputation for quality and deliverability amongst Japanese travel wholesalers.

The Walshe Group was purchased by Southern Travel Holdings in 2007 and introduced outbound travel to the group. The company is a specialist in marketing and representation services, particularly in the airline and destination sector. Its major clients include South African Airways, Royal Brunei Airlines, Swiss International Airlines, Hawaii Tourism, American Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

Experience New Zealand and Experience Travel were added during 2008, having built its success on providing inbound services to major markets (excl Japan) via online sales. Services which are based around providing personalised itineraries to customers who are looking for a once in a lifetime experience in New Zealand.


Southern Travelnet – A specialist inbound operator into New Zealand and Australia with main market Japan and offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Sydney and Auckland. (www.stravelnet.com)

The Walshe Group – A specialist representation company with over 30 years experience providing dedicated representation services to airlines and destinations in New Zealand, Australia and more recently Hong Kong and South East Asia. (www.walshegroup.com)

Experience New Zealand – An online retail company providing high level expertise combined with a customised service to customers throughout the world. (www.experiencenz.com)

Driving New Zealand – An online self drive specialist for visitors to New Zealand seeking tours or plan your own itineraries. (www.drivingnz.com)

Passing Through – A New Zealand campervan park pass. (www.passingthrough.co.nz)